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Golden Christmas Porch: Get the Look

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

I love decorating our porch for Christmas and each year it tends to get a little more elaborate (you can see how it looked last year right here). Here's how this year's porch came together!

The biggest change I made this year was to add two additional trees to the planters. I honestly can't believe I never thought to do this before because I love the look! Did I steal these trees from the kid's rooms? Will I need to now buy them new trees for their room? Yes, yes I will. But it was 1000% worth it.

Let's go through each element that brought this porch to life, shall we?

oversized white rug- I love this 5'x7' fluffy white rug out here, it's not an outdoor rug, but since I only leave it on the porch for two months out of the year I'm hoping it will hold up for awhile. It looks like white fluffy snow! Depending on your porch you could also size down to a 2'x3' if that fits better.

doormat- I actually ordered a new Christmas doormat and it hasn't made it here quite yet. Here's the one I ordered (this one is similar too).

4.5' trees- these are the faux trees I've put on the porch for several years and they look so good. I love the size and they fit perfectly in a white woven basket.

mini flocked trees- I've actually used two different trees on our porch because it's just what I had, but I don't mind. I'm linking the tree on the right because I do like that one a bit more.

gold berry picks- I bought these from Hobby Lobby, but this pack on Amazon is super similar!

brass lanterns- I was so pleasantly surprised by the scale of these lanterns! I grabbed them from Target and they are tall, modern, and beautiful! They are with the Christmas decor so I feel like they will probably sell out fast so get them now if you want them! I grabbed both the tall and medium size.

golden wreath- This was my little weekend DIY project. I was about to pull the trigger and order this wreath, but after splurging on all the lanterns, I really didn't want to spend the money so I decided to see if I could make this myself. You can see the video of how I did it below.

I think it turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!

swag- we've had this Christmas swag above the door for years now, every year I think I'm going to trade it out for a garland, but I have yet to do that, maybe next year! This year I added more of the golden berry picks to spice it up a little.

Let me know what you think!

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