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How to Shine Up Brass and Silver

If you're a thrifter like me then this post is for you! I am constantly bringing home the most beautiful brass and silver pieces, but they are obviously a little worse for wear...

I lived with my brass and silver looking like this for a LONG time...I just honestly didn't even think about it...and sometimes the aged patina isn't so bad! But the first time I shined up a piece of my brass with Bar Keeper's Friend I was like WOAH! It makes such a huge difference!

I just used a dime sized dallop on a wash rag and wiped it over the surface.

It takes a few minutes of wiping and I added more Bar Keeper's Friend as needed. But it doesn't take long before it starts to look like this!

It took me about fifteen minutes to shine up all the pieces.

A reminder of what they looked like before...

I love this little trick and have seen some incredible transformations with this on hardware as well! It can make old knobs and drawer handles look brand new on vintage furniture pieces, door handles and knobs, the possibilities are endless! This isn't sponsored- haha I just love a good transformation! I took several of these pieces to do a mini-styling update on our built-in shelves in the living room!

If you use this trick to shine up your silver or brass I would love to see it- be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

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