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My Dream Kitchen with Wayfair

I get asked a lot about the sources for the phase one kitchen makeover we did last year and the truth is, a lot of it was here when we moved in.

I brought in a few new things, but ultimately just reworked what we had. I've partnered with Wayfair to link a lot of the items that I used in the makeover and some things that look awfully similar to what we already had in there. Plus a few things I might like to add in the future. Like this adorable striped rug!

These peel and stick subway tiles would be perfect for a fresh backsplash in a rental!

These are the counter height barstools I have in our kitchen, they are perfect spots for the kids to sit for a quick meal or watch me bake.

Links to all of my Wayfair picks below- happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions, words, and images are my own.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Laura- you can call me Jenn. My husband and I just bought a house in our dream neighborhood and we are so excited to be here! The house, while already beautiful, NEEDS A LOT OF LOVE and STYLE. Join me, a past interior designer and wedding planner, as I work to make over each room and share the process along the way. 

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