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My Favorite Facebook Marketplace Finds

Several months ago I shared some tips of how I score amazing finds on Facebook Marketplace and today I'm back to share my top ten favorite finds of all time. I thought it would be fun to count them down from ten with number one being my favorite find of all time. So let's go!

Number 10

mahogany chippendale dining chairs

I scored eight of these Chippendale dining chairs in perfect condition for $200. I haven't tackled our dining room yet, I plan to do that with the one room challenge coming up this summer, but these chairs are absolutely part of my vision for the finished space!

Number 9

Speaking of the dining room...coming in at number 9 is another Marketplace find that is just waiting to be hung in that space...

This chandelier is an awesome size and I had been scouting one like this for awhile, so when I saw this one- I pounced! It was listed at $400 and I offered $420 to make sure I was the one that secured it. It had only been listed an hour and I thought that would bump me to the front of the line if they were messaging with anyone else about the piece. This will probably move up in my top ten list after we finish this room!

Number 8

pimpelmees wallpaper, play tent, white fluffy rug

Number 8 is the fluffy white rug I found for Lincoln's room. Finding a rug for in here ended up being challenging and I sent two rugs back before I finally found this one on Marketplace for $75. It's the perfect fluffy neutral statement in there and perfect for playing on or reading books in the tent. It's sooo soft and I love it when one of my finds is something that's not an actual antique that I can source online- here's a link for the exact rug!

Number 7

antique chair

This antique french side chair is super cute and when I first picked it up it looked like this.

antique french chair

A little reupholstery magic and sealer (to lock in the chipping paint) and this $40 chair is cute enough to land in my number 7 spot!

Number 6

This brass urn light fixture in the kitchen comes in at number 6. This was the first time I found something on Marketplace that needed to be shipped. I typically try to find things locally, but this guy popped up which just so happened to be exactly what I was looking for (I had only been able to find black and silver versions online).

brass urn light pendant

So for $85 plus $29 shipping (ouch) this guy was on my doorstep within a week. And if you really think about it $114 total isn't bad at all for a pretty light fixture I couldn't find anywhere else.

Number 5

Our $90 breakfast nook table made it into the top 5!

farrow and ball parma gray

I love this table! It has the prettiest pedestal legs and it's solid wood so I was able to sand it down to get it from looking like this...

to this!

aspect creative agency roman shades

Number 4

Have you seen the bar cart I scored for $200 a few weeks ago? I styled it out for fun last week to show off the Room for Tuesday tea towel I framed, but its permanent place will be in the upcoming dining room makeover!

tuesday made equivalents towel

Number 3

Ok, we're in the top 3 now so these are my favorite pieces. This pink chair that I have at my desk is a really special piece, but I think the main reason it ranks so high is because it took a space that was 95% there and pushed it to being 100% perfect.

anthropologie vase of wonder tapestry

I had been on the lookout for a desk chair for over a year, and my desk space went through several iterations...

farrow and ball de nimes

Too boring...

farrow and ball de nimes

Too fragile...

farrow and ball de nimes

Before the chair that was just right came along. Oh did I mention it was only $30?!

Number 2

The kitchen chandelier comes in at number 2, this guy is huge and was only $75. It feels like a big special piece of jewelry for the kitchen. It was kind of the star in the kitchen makeover (well, that and the countertops) and I think it's so stunning.

giani marble countertop paint

Number 1

Coming in at number 1 is the sofa that I've had for over two years now... it's the piece that re-ignited my love for interior design while I was still busily running a wedding planning business.

rugs usa white neutral rug

This sofa was picked up essentially as garbage from a woman's garage, it was listed at $30 and the seller told me if I hadn't come that day it was going to be headed to the curb!

This was the listing photo I fell in love with on Marketplace... I know what you're thinking, but I just had a vision for it! I first got to see that vision realized when I decorated my old wedding planning office

french blush office

And since then that sofa has nestled it's way into my home in multiple places- and it looks good wherever it lands.

Its finds like these that keep me casually checking Marketplace everyday. I just never know when the perfect piece is going to pop up and I'll need to throw myself in my car to head across town. Nothing is better than beautiful furniture for a steal. What are your favorite Marketplace finds?

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