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Lincoln's Fifth Birthday- Rainbow Birthday Party

This post is so long overdue (as in Lincoln is six now), but as I was going through some old files on my computer the other day I realized I never shared photos from Lincoln's 5th birthday party. It was very adorable and packed with fun ideas for a rainbow themed birthday party so let's get into it!

kids rainbow birthday party ideas

I used a tent pole to create this balloon arch over the doorway on the porch. I've made balloon garlands many times now and they are so easy! I used these balloons I purchased from Amazon. I just stuck the tent pole into the dirt in the planters on either side of the door. I inflated two balloons at a time and then twisted them around the pole, starting at the bottom with white for the clouds and then working my way through the rainbow colors. Very similarly to how this creator made hers! I highly recommend this inflator to speed up the process!

kids rainbow birthday party ideas- rainbow party invitation

For the invitations I ordered these from Minted and DIY'd a rainbow envelope liner (similar to this method here).

kids rainbow birthday party ideas- rainbow balloon garland

I've wanted a beautiful white bounce house for years and Houston finally has a rental company offering them! It was a bit more than I would typically pay for a bounce house, but it was worth it for the...aesthetic, ha! I dressed it up with a balloon garland and more rainbow balloons. This is the kit I always order to make my balloon garlands! I started with larger balloons (30") and then mixed in different sizes throughout (12"-24"). Then I secured the entire garland to the bounce house with clear fishing line.

kids rainbow birthday party ideas- rainbow balloon garland

And of course the rainbow balloon garlands didn't end there, I created one more for the food/cake table. This one was easy and was pretty much the exact same process as the one I made for the front door, except I used this kit- which comes with something like a tent pole and then two pieces to secure the pole to the table.

kids rainbow birthday party ideas- rainbow food table

For the food we had bags of cotton candy, cupcakes, rainbow rice krispie treats, and rainbow cake of course. I searched high and low to find an affordable rainbow cake because I didn't want to have to make one and surprisingly enough I found a great one on Amazon! Check out the above video to see a slice!

kids rainbow birthday party ideas

I also made this super easy rainbow fruit tray.

kids rainbow birthday party ideas- rainbow fruit tray

And then Lincoln requested a piñata so I grabbed this one at Party City. I also grabbed a bunch of plants in fun colors to add to the backyard and help everything tie into the rainbow theme.

kids rainbow birthday party ideas

kids rainbow birthday party ideas

All in all it was such a fun party and Lincoln had a great time! He did want me to let you know that rainbow is no longer his favorite color, but it certainly was at the time. I think rainbow might always be my favorite color! What do you think?

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