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Staircase Basket Round-up

Last week my friend Laura invited me to her grandmother's estate sale. Her grandmother had recently passed away and it was really special to be able to walk through her house and choose some treasures. Laura even ended up being able to tell me the story behind several of the pieces I chose which was so so special. However, the main reason she knew I would want to come to the estate sale was because she knew I had been on the hunt for a staircase basket and her grandmother had this amazing one that she thought I would love.

antique staircase basket

She was right. We've lived in a two story home for almost five years now and in that time I've learned that nothing is worse than trekking upstairs multiple times a day to tidy up kid's toys that always tend to migrate their way down. Both of our boy's rooms are upstairs as well as our playroom, but the kids spend a ton of time downstairs. I don't have any rules that toys aren't allowed downstairs and I don't mind them down here, but inevitably a few things get left behind when the boys are finished playing. So I've kept a basket at the bottom of the stairs for several years now and it works great to just throw toys in the basket throughout the day and take everything upstairs all at once...and let's be honest, sometimes those toys sit in there for days before I bother putting them away. But as long as they are contained in a basket and appear tidy it feels like a win.

antique staircase basket

I love having this basket that feels a bit more custom and meant specifically for this location and purpose. Here's the one we had been living with, it was totally fine, but certainly didn't feel very special.

I eventually have other plans for this space- I would love to add a stair runner, some art to the landing, etc. to help make this space feel a bit more special. But in the meantime, this is a step in the right direction!

antique staircase basket

And in case you aren't willing to hunt down an antique staircase basket I thought a round-up of some ready-to-ship options would be fun!

staircase basket round-up

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

What do you think? Is a staircase basket a necessity in your house?

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