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$2,000 Kitchen Makeover: Complete Budget Breakdown

Last March we did a budget friendly kitchen refresh that took our kitchen from this...

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

to this.

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

I knew going into this project that it was going to be a very budget conscious makeover and I tried to make decisions along the way to keep us in check. My goal was to spend under $2,000, but when it was all said and done I never tallied it all up! Do you think I managed to stay under that? Let's see how it actually shook out shall we? I'm going to break it up into two categories- the breakfast nook and the kitchen. Technically, I would have loved to stay under 2k for both of these spaces, but it's also fair to say that even though they are connected they are two totally different spaces!

I'm also showing you complete transparency on what was gifted vs. what we spent our own money on. I've calculated both totals just so you can see what it would have cost vs. what it actually cost. It's only slightly different and any of the items that were gifted were things I was definitely already planning to purchase.


$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

hardware (this was a big splurge for me!)- $892

large island lighting (found on FB Marketplace)- $75

cabinet touch up paint- $50

desk chair (FB Marketplace find)- $75

art and accessories- $300

Kitchen Total- $1,786

my total minus the gifted countertop paint kits- $1526

Breakfast Nook:

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

paint (F&B Parma Gray color matched with SW paint)- $50

breakfast table (FB Marketplace find)- $90

paint and sealer for new table- $10

breakfast nook chairs (thrift find)- $175

Ruggable rug (gifted)- $229

DIY roman shades- $104

You might be wondering why there are two line items for roman shades. I first DIY'd these faux roman shades...

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

but I hated them, so I decided to splurge and order new custom roman shades. I've been really happy with them, they're beautiful! But I did waste a bit of money on the DIY version before I got here so I wanted to make sure to factor that into the budget.

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

Breakfast Nook Total- $2,027

my total minus the gifted rug-$1,798

Grand Total for both spaces- $3,813

my total- $3,324

Did I stay under my budget of 2K? Well, technically in the kitchen I absolutely did! If we count both spaces, I think staying under 4K is still pretty great! The roman shades and hardware really killed my budget. If I had stuck with the DIY roman shades and used more affordable hardware I could have easily stayed under 2K for both spaces. But starting out with a high end looking kitchen I did feel like there were decisions I couldn't cheap out on. Hardware is a dead giveaway to me, cheap and fake brass hardware on our wooden custom wooden cabinetry would have been a disservice. And the upgrade to gorgeous functioning roman shades is something I don't regret.

$2,000 budget kitchen makeover

What do you think? Would you do a budget friendly phase one makeover in your kitchen or wait until you could do your dream kitchen?

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