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Every Paint Color We've Used in Our House (So Far)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

I get asked pretty often what paint colors I've used around our house and while this post of all my favorite blue paint colors houses quite a few of them, I really haven't shared what every single color is! Some of the colors were here when we moved in like all all over house color (SW Neutral Ground) or the kitchen cabinets (SW Divine White), but otherwise I've re-painted almost every surface. And if you need a good blue or neutral paint color- this is your post to bookmark because I've scoured and found all the best ones!

every paint color ive used in my house jennifer laura living

Let's start in the kitchen shall we? The cabinets are SW Divine White and the walls are our all over house color that you will see in multiple spaces that I mentioned previously. Now I don't actually know the exact color that was used, but we have had to touch up on several occasions and we had it color matched to SW Neutral Ground.

sherwin williams divine white, sherwin williams neutral ground

I also painted the interior of the pantry F&B Parma Gray.

farrow and ball parma gray

In Phoenix's room I used SW Debonair, and this color turned out to be a favorite of mine because I ended up reusing it quite a bit.

sherwin williams debonair

I had the same color lightened by 50% to use in the dining room (SW Debonair). I have it on my to-do list to ultimately repaint this space entirely- molding, trim, ceiling all of it. Don't you think that would look so good in here?

sherwin williams debonair

I also used this color (SW Debonair) as the background for the mural panels I'm currently working on in the living room.

sherwin williams debonair

Moving on to the laundry room, I don't have a wall color in here since those are completely covered in this Wallpops wallpaper, but the cabinets are painted in SW Faded Blue Linen.

sherwin williams faded blue linen

In the primary bedroom is another favorite blue shade of mine that I've used in multiple spaces. Farrow & Ball De Nimes has got to be one of the prettiest paint colors I've ever seen in my life. Farrow & Ball paint is a little on the pricier side, but it's worth it for the richness/sophistication of the color in my opinion.

farrow and ball de nimes

farrow and ball de nimes

I had leftover paint from the primary bedroom and ended up using F&B De Nimes again to paint the top half of Lincoln's room. The bottom half is painted in BM Balboa Mist.

farrow and ball de nimes, benjamin moore balboa mist

The living room is that all over house color I mentioned SW Neutral Ground. It's a very good creamy white.

sherwin williams neutral ground

I still have so many more spaces to work on in our home- the primary bathroom, the playroom, the boy's bathroom, etc. So this post will eventually need to be updated, but that's the progress we've made so far and I love every single one of these paint colors! I would love to know if you've used any of these in your own home, let me know in the comments!

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