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Creating an entryway in a small space

When we first moved here I dreamed of creating a lovely entryway. I always loved inspiration photos like this and wanted to add a console...with a mirror! a runner! and all of the accessories! But as I was looking around I slowly realized there was absolutely nowhere for any of these things I was envisioning to actually go. Sad trombone music. Here's our front door.


And when you turn left there it a large opening to the front room.


Straight ahead of the front door is the opening to the living room.


That door on the right goes into our main bedroom and as you can see there is just no space for a grand entryway moment (don't mind the Christmas decorations in progress). But I also thought to myself that this little nook in between the main bedroom and the stairs had a bit of space where maybe something could go. I logged that away in my brain knowing that it was going to be a matter of finding the right piece because anything too large was going to block the door to our bedroom and nothing irks me more than small walkways through a house- traffic flow people!

I went thrifting on Monday, not really looking for anything specific, and saw this beautiful little half round table...

small wood inlay half round table

I immediately wondered if it could be the one. The size seemed right and the table itself was beautiful- the darker wood tone matched the piano in the front room and the chairs in the dining table with a lovely lighter wood inlay. It was $150 which wasn't a steal, but felt like a fair price. I didn't have my measuring tape on me so I asked the antique store owner if I could borrow one and he graciously let me use his (I highly recommend bringing a tape measure with you wherever you go because you just never know). I came home to measure and even built this little pile of garbage contraption (Christmas decorations and a bean bag chair) to help me visualize if something could work there.


This pile measured a bit larger than the table, the table was 29" wide x 15" deep, and this was 35" wide x 20" deep so I knew that if this felt good then the table would absolutely work. I left it like this all day to see if I got annoyed walking by something. But it wasn't annoying at all, it didn't block the door and I barely even noticed it. Plus the fact that I knew the actual table was a few inches smaller made me really feel like I could pull the trigger. So I went back to get it! I was so glad it didn't get snatched up- and I couldn't love it more!

creating an entryway in a small space

I styled it out with a few things I already owned...I would love to get a piece of art or a mirror to go above it that looks more intentional- I yanked this piece off of the gallery wall in my bedroom just as a place holder, but for now this is lovely and adds a lot to a space that felt pretty bland. Here's a close up of the inlay top, it's just lovely!

creating an entryway in a small space, wood inlay table

A few dings, but that's to be expected with an antique.

wood linlay table

It feels really nice in the space and doesn't block the door to my bedroom at all. I love creating a moment somewhere that didn't exist. Do you have spaces in your home that could use a small vignette to jazz it up? If you have a similar dilemma in your own home here are my recommendations!

  1. Measure the space- save the measurements in your phone just so you have them on hand (not like me who had to go back home to measure). Make sure you get the width, depth, and height of the piece you are considering!

  2. Keep a tape measure in your purse or in your car, I just got lucky that the shop owner had one.

  3. If you still aren't sure a piece will work after measuring it then come home and tape it off. Take some painter's tape and put the tape on the wall and on the floor to show how much space the piece would take up. Or if you really want to be super sure stack up some boxes or pillows that are about the same size as the piece. This is easier to do with a small table than say a large buffet- if you're figuring out a large piece- painter's tape if your best friend!

  4. Just because a piece technically will "fit", doesn't mean it belongs in the space. Is it going to make a high traffic area hard to get through? Are you going to have to walk around it to get somewhere? Try to think through everything before pulling the trigger.

creating an entryway in a small space

Let me know if you end up finding yourself in a similar dilemma, tag me on instagram or facebook because I would love to see what you come up with!

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Jennifer Laura
Jennifer Laura
20 nov 2020

Thanks! I feel like I lucked out for sure!

Me gusta

20 nov 2020

Love the find!

Me gusta
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