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Main Bedroom- office progress

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I made some minor progress in my bedroom this week! You may recognize this desk as the same one that was in my office, and it is! We moved it out last week and it looks amazing in here! The white really pops off of the blue wall!!

farrow and ball de nimes blue bedroom office design

But let me back up for a second. Here is where we started several months ago, even before painting the walls. I had ordered this desk from World Market that I knew was smaller than the room needed…I was trying to be budget conscious and maybe one day I will learn my lesson to just be patient and wait to save up for the right thing. It felt so dinky on that wall and I immediately knew it wasn’t right, but I did that thing where I try to convince myself it will work. (side note: please tell me I’m not the only one who does that? I’ll live with something I don’t like for months years because I spent money on it, had to wait a long time for it, or it would be terribly inconvenient/impossible to return it. I once lived with a rug that was too small at our last house because the thought of rolling it back up and figuring out how to ship it back gave me anxiety).

So I lived with it and wasn't a fan, but when we moved out of The Creative Chateau office, I knew this was my chance to use the white desk from that space (which I didn't cheap out on at all). It's from Anthropologie and so so beautiful.

farrow and ball de nimes blue bedroom office design

I hung this tapestry on the wall behind the desk - it was a gift from one of the sweetest brides I've ever had. She gave it to me on the day of her rehearsal dinner. This tapestry is something that I pinned onto my pinterest wish list, which is typically something I send out to my family around Christmas or birthdays, but she took it upon herself to hunt down my wish list and order something off of it...and give it to me on a day that was supposed to be all about her. I still almost cry when I think about it because she was just one of the most selfless people I have ever met and just a beautiful person inside and out...I need to try and be more like her, truly. I also found this lamp at Goodwill a few weeks ago and thought it was completely weird and charming. It goes perfectly over here. So this side of the room is taking shape! There is still SO. MUCH. to do in our bedroom, but we're getting there!


white desk | lamp- vintage | tapestry | paint color- Farrow and Ball De Nimes

Want to see the entire process of our bedroom?


Jennifer Laura Living.jpg


Hi, I'm Jennifer Laura- you can call me Jenn. My husband and I just bought a house in our dream neighborhood and we are so excited to be here! The house, while already beautiful, NEEDS A LOT OF LOVE and STYLE. Join me, a past interior designer and wedding planner, as I work to make over each room and share the process along the way. 

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