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Projects to Come in 2022

A few weeks ago I recapped the projects I planned for 2021 and reviewed how I did and today it's time to dream big and share all the projects I'm hoping to tackle this year.

The Front Room

This project is first on my to-do list this year and I'm really excited about it! It's the first room you see when you walk into our house and I can't wait to transform it into a space that I'm proud of. Here's what it looked like a year ago.

And here's what it looked like last month for Christmas.

You can check out my full plan for this space (including the new sofa I scored on Marketplace last month) right here!

More Tweaks in the Dining Room

Our dining room is *almost* there, but I would like to make a few adjustments this year. I want to swap out the chairs for something a little lighter.

I would also like to maybe play around with the table- something white with a more modern shape? I don't mind the table we have, but at the bare minimum I would love to get a prettier tablecloth in here.

Laundry/Mud Room

This is another space that I have planned to start pretty early this year and I actually have the entire space planned out already (stay tuned for that blog post coming soon!). I can't wait to show you what I'm thinking in here because this space is currently dark, drab, and so depressing.

Updates in our Primary Bedroom

Last year I "finished" this space, but like the dining room it needs a little revisiting.

I actually removed the gallery wall surrounding our TV (*gasp* I know...), after hanging the curtains it was just feeling like there were too many focal points and the room had a lot going on.

In photos it looked great, but in person it was feeling a little overwhelming.

So now it looks like this, please excuse the terrible photo I just snapped in the dark.

I actually like it this way, but the paint does need to be touched up. I would also like to actually mount the DIY frame TV to the wall. As for what else I would like to do in here- the two ceiling fans still bother me on a daily basis, and even though we do use them almost daily, I would love to swap them out for a pretty singular chandelier (and purchase a few elegant looking tabletop fans).

The Playroom

The boy's rooms are both finished and feel so special, but the large space in between feels completely lackluster. We just plopped down the rug and sofa from our old house and called it a day up there.

We do have some nice built in storage and we also have a large Ikea piece from my parent's old house up here, but it is majorly lacking in personality. I also didn't even bother tidying up for this photo. I hope you don't mind.

I don't have any ideas for this space yet, but I would love to do something really fun up there! I'm also dreaming of replacing the sofa with a big comfy sectional to level up our movie nights.

The Upstairs Bathroom

I'm going to be honest, putting a bathroom space on this list is totally intimidating to me. Ripping out tile, replacing tubs, dealing with plumbing... it's all very new and scary territory. So that might mean that this year is more of a phase one update in here- paint, new hardware, etc. But if I get up the courage (and can scrounge up the budget for it), I would love to totally overhaul this space into a fun, yet beautiful and timeless bathroom.

The Kitchen- Countertops

Without a doubt painting the countertops was the most popular (and controversial) project I tackled this year and I have an update post coming. Spoiler- I still absolutely love them and have zero regrets. Buuut.... they were always meant to be a temporary solution and I would love to replace them with quartz this year. Marble would be my top pick aethetically, but I know with our kids and Kris' love for red wine, quartz will hold up much better for us. This may be a bit of a lofty goal because I know this isn't a cheap project, but it's definitely something that is on my mind.

The Living Room

I came up with a plan for the living room last spring and then proceeded to make absolutely no progress on the space the rest of the year... womp womp.

But this year things will happen! In fact I've already ordered the tile for the fireplace (I can't wait to show you that) and have plans to add more ornate DIY frame around our real Frame TV. I'm still on the hunt for some special antique furniture pieces and art to flesh out this space, but we will definitely see some progress in here this year!

The Backyard

Last year our backyard took a huge unplanned leap forward from this...

to this!

And I hope to see a bit more progress this year. I would love to replace the floor out here that the new rug does a very good job of hiding, but is still very red and very splotchy.

My ultimate plan for the backyard is to add a pool (maybe a few years down the line), so I don't know how smart it would be to start tearing this out to replace it without a plan in mind. So I think my first move might be to get in touch with the landscape architect that did our front yard and have her come up with an overall plan for our backyard that includes a pool. Then we could slowly work towards that during the coming years. We'll see if any progress happens out here this year!

So those are my 2022 plans and thoughts. I never dreamed I would accomplish so much in one year this time last year so I'm really excited to see where I'll land in another 12 months!

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