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Christmas House Tour 2021

So far this year you've seen the porch, the playroom, and our primary bedroom. But today I'm sharing the rest of our Christmas decorations around the house!

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

First up is our kitchen, which is decorated pretty similarly to last year, but now that the kitchen makeover is finished it shines about 1000% more.

diy gold christmas wreath

I still love the DIY gold wreaths that I made last year. I hang those with a tiny finishing nail at the very top of the inside of the cabinets. The nail stays there all year long and it's not noticeable at all.

christmas kitchen decor inspiration

christmas kitchen inspiration

This little shelf continues to be one of my favorite "moments" to style in the house.

christmas shelf decorations

My top tips for styling shelves for the holidays are to keep things pretty similar to how they are the rest of the year and just try adding 3 things:

  1. a few small wrapped boxes (faux presents)

  2. add ribbon! Wrap a box around a faux potted plant and boom! Instant festivity! Below you can see I also wrapped some ribbon around our canvas art and I love how it looks there too.

  3. Pick one or two fun decor elements to sprinkle in- I like using bottle brush trees and white ceramic village houses. Seriously, my collection of these items grows every year and I still don't have enough.

christmas shelf decorating ideas

christmas art ideas

Moving on to the living room. I had so much fun decorating the mantle this year! Inspired by Gretchen Black I changed it up quite a bit from last year.

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

Village houses and bottlebrush trees were the main focal, and do you spot the DIY book page trees? Yes! This is what I made them for and I loved them so much I ended up making more for the dining room.

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

I also painted some wooden beads to make a little garland to hang. I already had the gold glittery garland.

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

I also added in some pink ribbons in with the blue this year and I think it was a fun addition. I did make a pink wood bead garland that I thought I would add in too, but I ended up hating it. As much as I love these photos they also have me counting down the days until I makeover the fireplace and get rid of that brown brick. Yes, that project is coming very soon- the new tile has already been ordered!

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

I hung the wreaths on our windows with some command hooks and I also added pink ribbons to those this year. Do you spot the blue snowflake pillows? I found these at Target (remember?) and absolutely fell in love with them! I'm hoping to use them for many years to come because they are so perfect!

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

In the front of the house I decked out the staircase with garland (using this method) and again it's pretty much the same as last year except that I added pink ribbon.

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

What's your favorite part? And do you decorate your house the same each year or try to change it up a bit?

blue and pink grandmillenial christmas inspiration

I feel like the bones of my decor stay the same and then I swap out a few easy and cheap things! Merry Christmas!

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Laura- you can call me Jenn. My husband and I just bought a house in our dream neighborhood and we are so excited to be here! The house, while already beautiful, NEEDS A LOT OF LOVE and STYLE. Join me, a past interior designer and wedding planner, as I work to make over each room and share the process along the way. 

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