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Quick Breakfast Nook Chair Refresh #StyleItNow

Everyone loved the #StyleItNow challenge so much I decided to bring it back! If you're unfamiliar with the challenge, here's the premise! Pick a neglected corner of your home and using only what you already have you're going to... #StyleItNow. I challenge you to get creative and improve your home in some way while spending $0. Tag me on instagram so I can see it and make sure to use the hashtag #StyleItNow. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

This week I decided I wanted to do something for the kitchen makeover, but I'm still waiting for a lot of my materials to come in (or I need to find them on FB marketplace-ha!)... pretty much the only thing I already have are the breakfast nook chairs (remember I used one of them in the last #StyleItNow challenge). I found these at an antique store when we were visiting Kris' family over the holidays and I was able to snag all four for $175.

four bamboo style armless chairs

The frames are stunning, but the finish was in bad shape so last week I sanded them down and gave them a coat of primer with Zinsser 123.

zinsser primer 123

Then Kris helped me paint them with Behr's Swiss Coffee. It's a really pretty creamy white color.

`bamboo style kitchen cahirs

All that was left to do was reupholster these cuties. I wasn't sure what fabric I wanted to use and figured I would order some swatches (maybe Crypton?), but after we finished up the curtains for our bedroom last week I ended up having two entire panels that I didn't need (I had originally ordered six pairs of these panels from Amazon and only ended up needing five).

dusty blue curtains amazon

I could have returned them but I started to realize that the fabric might be exactly what I had in mind for the kitchen. I held it up to the paint swatches I was considering and it looked amazing!

dusty blue paint swatches

It wasn't the spill resistant Crypton that I had in mind...these are breakfast chairs after all. But this fabric was here...and it was free (well...I had already paid for it). So in the spirit of #StyleItNow, I went for it! I think I will end up spraying them with some Scotchgard to help protect them and if we have a really stubborn spot I could always reupholster them with more of the leftover fabric.

chair reupholstery how to

These are the kind of chairs with a removable seat so reupholstering them was a breeze! If you're ever wondering if you can do this type of reupholstery- you absolutely can!! All I needed was my fabric, a staple gun, staples, and some scissors. I started by simply cutting the fabric to size by plopping the old cushion face down and then making sure I left about 6-8" overlap on each side before cutting.

how to reupholster a chair
how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Once my fabric was cut, I simply wrapped it around the chair and stapled it. Starting with the bottom (the part that will be closest to the chair back). I ignored the corners for now, they are the trickiest part and saving them for last helped me achieve a cleaner look.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Next I stapled in the front, starting in the center and working my way out, pulling as hard as I could every time I placed a staple.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Then I did each side, again ignoring the corners.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Now it was time for the corners- I did the back corners first, these are the ones that are going to tuck into the chair back.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Here you can see how I folded my corner to get a clean edge.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

This is what it looks like inside the fold, the fabric is coming together and then flattening on itself.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

And then here it is after I had stapled it. Now it was time for the front corners which are definitely the most important part! I didn't want multiple creases and folds to be visible from the top of the seat cushion so here's what I did.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

First, I cut a slit down the corner, being careful not to go too far (I didn't want the cut visible from the top).

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Then stapling around the outer corner very close to the edge making sure I was pulling while stapling so I didn't get any creases (please excuse my dirty floor- I swear I vacuumed yesterday, but this is the life with two kids and two dogs).

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion
how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

Then I tucked the fabric underneath and folded it over to make a neat and tidy corner. This resulted in only one crease visible from the front/top.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion
how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

All that was left to do was to re-screw the seat cushions back to the chair frames.

how to reupholster a chair, seat cushion

The whole process took me under an hour and that was with stopping to take multiple videos and photos. Easy-peasy!

white and dusty blue velvet bamboo vintage antique breakfast chairs

I LOVE how they turned out and they are getting me SO excited to tackle the rest of the kitchen! Now we just need a new breakfast table...

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how to reupholster a seat cushion and chair


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