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DIY Book Page Christmas Trees

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I have such a fun and easy Christmas DIY for you today!!

I had these cones we've used in previous years on our fireplace and this year I really wanted to dress them up a little differently. My only goal with these was to buy nothing and use whatever I already had laying around the house! So here's what I did...


- I used the cone tree decorations we already had, but if you don't have anything that shape laying around you can buy these craft cones or make your own using this method with some poster board.

- book page (I used an old book I had thrifted)

- lots of glue sticks

Let's get into it!

I started by heating up my glue gun and prepping a bunch of torn pages of paper. I wanted my torn pages to be somewhat uniform in size. The first batch I ripped up looked like this...

christmas tree craft diy book page

I quickly learned that the closer I could tear the book pages into squares the better it looked. With a little practice I ended up with ripped sections that looked like this.

christmas tree craft diy book page

Much better! You could also cut your pages, but I love the added character that the torn pages added. Once I had quite a few pieces torn I started hot gluing them onto the bottom of my cone. I did one row perfectly straight overlapping slightly to completely cover the bottom row.

christmas tree craft diy book page

christmas tree craft diy book page

Once I finished the first row, I started gluing the next row, this time turning the torn square vertically so it looked like a diamond.

christmas tree craft diy book page

This gave it a Christmas tree leaf/limb effect. I layered rows like this all the way to the top. Once I got to the top I wrapped a few squares carefully around it making sure to glue it down all the way.

christmas tree craft diy book page

Once everything was glued down I thought it was missing something...

christmas tree craft diy book page

As I shared this project on Instagram Stories someone recommended curling up the edges so I decided to give that a try!

christmas tree craft diy book page

It took a bit of time going around to each "leaf" and curling it upward. But after I did that it definitely made the tree so much more special looking!

christmas tree craft diy book page

I love how this project turned out (and it was FREE)! I plan to eventually use these cone trees on our fireplace, but for now I stuck them in the dining room. They actually look so pretty in here. I would love to buy some more craft cones and potentially make some more, maybe even some smaller ones!

christmas tree craft diy book page

Let me know if you try this project, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram- I would love to see your book page Christmas trees!

christmas tree craft diy book page

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