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The Perfect Holiday Porch Decorating Formula

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Christmas porch activated! I'm sure all of our neighbors thought I was insane on November 1st when I took down all the skeletons and immediately started putting up Christmas trees.

blue christmas porch inspiration

But it's November 11th and here we are! Strangely as a content creator I still feel behind... even though I do understand it's crazy early to have any of this going on! We have a pretty large porch and over the years I've learned that for the decor here to look significant and not dinky it's all about the layering! So I thought I would share with you my formula for a styled porch that seems to be working across the seasons (spring, Halloween, and now Christmas).

blue christmas porch inspiration

Step One- Rug Layering

I am a huge fan of the layered doormat (originally learned from Chris Loves Julia), but I've definitely taken things up a notch at our house. If you have a large space to work with a 5 x 7 rug will be your best friend! Yes, it feels large for a porch, but it will look and feel so luxurious. If your porch is a bit smaller then I suggest measuring and seeing what size rug you can fit- maybe it's a 3' x 5'! I will fully admit that an outdoor rug would be the best choice here and we're going to ignore the fact that my rug is... not that. This will be our Christmas rug only so we'll see how it holds up for two months. As for the doormat, I go for the larger size since we have the space. It just looks more natural, but I have used a more traditional sized doormat and that looks ok too (I personally love this doormat because I can use it year round)!

blue christmas porch inspiration

Step two- Symmetrical plants

Next up we're going to add some symmetrical elements on either side of the door. We have these two large urns that stay out here permanently on either side of the door. We've filled them with ivy along the sides and I love that it drapes out over the front- they're so pretty! We fill the middle section with different things depending on the season. For Christmas I've also added two pre-lit mini trees to flank the urns with some pretty blue silk ribbon.

blue christmas porch inspiration

Step three- Wreath

No door is complete without a wreath. My tip for finding a wreath is to make sure you get one that is a good scale. Most front doors are going to be at least 36" wide so pay attention when you're ordering, a 19-20" wreath will look dinky, so be sure to size up, and go with something at least 26" and up to 30". I love the loose organic shape of this wreath from Target and I again just added some pretty silk ribbon to shush it up.

blue christmas porch inspiration

Step 4- Bonus

Don't forget to add something above the door. Adding a swag above the door is totally optional, but ours is pre-lit so at Christmas it's just one more way to bring some festivity to the porch!

blue christmas porch inspiration

And there you have it- four steps to a porch that is ready for the holidays!

And I'm sharing all the links below if you're aiming for something similar on your porch this holiday season!

blue christmas porch

Please tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you use this method- I would love to see!

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