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Christmas House Tour 2022

I love doing a little Christmas house tour every year and while some things stay the same I always change it up a little bit and this year was no different (you can see our 2020 Christmas house tour here and 2021 here). I added tinsel and two new trees in the dining room, two more trees to the porch, and a handful of other things here and there.

grandmillenial christmas decor

Now I must preface this post by saying that I'm absolutely aware that we have a lot of Christmas trees and I know we're nuts. I'm ok with that. I made a video the other day just to see what the final count was and we landed at 14... so let's just say if you're a minimalist you might be in the wrong place.

grandmillenial christmas dining room

Now with my disclaimer out of the way let's get into the photos! Starting on the porch, you can read all about our golden porch decor here.

christmas porch decor ideas

When you first come in our door we have the staircase and entryway. I always deck out the staircase in garland and add a few festive touches to the entryway table.

grandmillenial christmas decor
grandmillenial christmas decor

Beyond the entry way is the primary bedroom that I didn't change up much this year. Wreaths on our mirrors and the Christmas tree in here.

grandmillenial christmas decor

The living room is always where I have the most fun. It's very similar to last year, but I added some green ribbons to the tree.

grandmillenial christmas decor

And I think the new fireplace makes all the difference in the world this year!

grandmillenial christmas living room

grandmillenial christmas decor

Into the dining room and I gave tinsel a try this year. It seems to be what everyone else was doing and since we have 14 trees I figured why not give it a try on one of them? I can't say I'm obsessed with it...

grandmillenial christmas dining room

I think it's cute and fun, but I'm not sure I'll be doing it again.

grandmillenial christmas dining room

I do love the little ribbon treatment I did to the tablecloth though! It was such a cheap and easy way to dress up this table- I used a variety of ribbons cut to size to create a plaid effect criss-crossing the table. It turned out so cute and I will absolutely be doing that again!

grandmillenial christmas dining room

Maybe with more ribbons? Different colors? The possibilities are endless and it was such a cheap idea.

grandmillenial christmas place setting

This is the first year I'm using the Christmas china that I thrifted... and when I say thrifted I mean found it outside in the Goodwill parking lot while I was dropping off donations, asked if I could buy it, and the attendant told me to just take it. So this is my FREE Christmas china. It's so cute and festive!

christmas kitchen decor ideas

I added a bit of garland to our brass light fixture in the kitchen this year as well as a mini tree for the window. It adds just the perfect amount of festivity in here. And I am still a fan of my DIY golden Christmas wreaths that I add to the glass front cabinets every year.

christmas kitchen decor ideas

The playroom is decked out upstairs in its typical rainbow fashion, you can see the full Christmas tour of the playroom right here.

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

That's it for this year's Christmas house tour. The boys usually have a tree in their room, but it didn't happen this year since I "borrowed" their trees to put on the porch. I will probably go ahead and buy them some new trees to put in their rooms next year, but I figured one year tree-less wouldn't kill them.

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