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Fun Friday- My First Amazon Scam and Painting in Phoenix's Room

This week I experienced my first Amazon scam. I ordered this sofa from Amazon a few weeks back and even paid extra for expedited shipping.

I paid $484.50 for it and honestly the price tag should have been a clue, this sofa looked gorgeous and was a great scale, why would it only cost $400?!? So the day it was supposed to arrive I was so excited. The backyard has been taking shape- we finished the planting station,

hung string lights, and have added a dining table out here. The sofa was the final piece so we could finally start enjoying life out here!! BUT... it wasn't meant to be. The sofa didn't show up that day...or the next day.... or the next. This week I messaged the seller a few times to see if they had updated tracking and after a few days of hearing nothing back I decided to look at the sofa listing again... that's when I saw all of the reviews...

I was scammed!! I have encountered a scam or two in my day and I generally feel like I have a pretty good nose for these things, but this was my first time encountering one on Amazon. So folks, read those reviews!! They will usually tell you everything you need to know. I typically do...but obviously didn't this time! The second I realized it was a scam I asked Amazon for a refund and reported the seller. Amazon was great and issued a refund that day. After that I was super anxious to find another sofa quickly, which is never a great place to be in, I much prefer taking my time and finding exactly what I want, but at this point we're halfway into May and I didn't want to wait another month for anything. So I went shopping at a place I've never been before. Rooms to Go. I'm cringing just typing that. Nothing against Rooms to Go in particular I am just not really a fan of generic furniture stores where they are set up for you to select a matching furniture set (I've mentioned my hatred of furniture sets before) , but desperate times call for desperate measures. I popped into the Rooms to Go Patio store to see if they had anything available right now and they surprisingly had some pretty decent options. This sofa was my first choice...obviously, it looked just like the one I had tried to order from Amazon.

rooms to go patio pleasant bay teak tan outdoor sofa

But it was wildly backordered until December. So then I found this sofa...I didn't love it, but it was on sale and available right now.

rooms to go patio southport tan outdoor sofa

I was about to pull the trigger, but then I found this sofa, I liked that it had a few wooden details, reminiscent of the one I originally wanted.

Then I sat on it and it was about 1000x more comfortable than the first one I had seen and when the salesman told me it could be delivered next Wednesday I was sold! You know I'll keep you posted and show you when it arrives, I can't wait!!

We also painted Phoenix's room this week. It started out as this periwinkle blue...

and I painted it Debonair by Sherwin Williams.

debonair sherwin williams

I couldn't get paint samples due to the paint shortage right now, so I had to pick a color and wing it! This photo from House With Home was what made me feel confident to pull the trigger on Debonair (she lightened hers by 25% and I went for the full color). It's a beautiful dusty blue with a lot of muddy grey undertones! I love it!

one room challenge week 2, chippendale chairs, duncan phyfe table

Progress on the One Room Challenge was a bit slow this week, I have one project planned each week and I'm a little nervous that I've spaced the projects out too much and it's all going to come crashing in on me at the end. But I'm going to stick to my timeline... for now at least.

What are you working on this weekend?

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