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Harley's Room Update- A Blank Slate

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

This past week Kris and I took the three hour drive up to Fairfield, Texas from Houston to start the whirlwind flash makeover for our niece Harley's room (check out this post if you need to catch up)! We spent less than 48 hours there and knocked out some pretty big projects! Here's what Harley's room has looked like for the past few years...

When we arrived Harley's mom had already removed the bed and a few other items, but I did ask them not to clear it out completely so we could take some before photos and videos. Here's what we were working with when we arrived.

After clearing everything out, the first thing we did was remove the carpet. I had never done this before, but it was pretty simple!

carpet removal

The carpet ripped right up and then it was a matter of removing the tack strips and foam pad underneath. Kris used a large screwdriver and a hammer to pry up the tack strips (although a crowbar would have probably been better).

how to remove carpet

Then I came back in to scrape the bits of rug pad/adhesive that were left behind.

how to remove carpet

how to remove carpet

We then gave everything a good sweep and vacuum.

how to remove carpet

With that completed we headed to the nearest Home Depot (a thirty minute drive away, we definitely weren't in Houston anymore) to pick up paint and a few other supplies. I pulled some muted pink colors and really wanted to see what would work best with the Rebel Walls wallpaper.

rebel walls sailors sea, perfect paint color pairing

I finally landed on Smokey Pink from Behr and it didn't disappoint.

rebel walls sailors sea perfect pink paint color pairing

It's a really pretty muted pink. When we got back to Harley's house we immediately started patching holes and painting the walls, trim, and the ceiling. The plan for day one was to also tackle installing the wallpaper, but it was almost 7pm so we decided to grab dinner and call it a day. The next morning we got straight into the wallpaper.

rebel walls sailor sea pink wallpaper install

This was my fourth time installing wallpaper and by now I felt pretty confident we could knock it out quickly and we did (here's my super easy tutorial)!

rebel walls sailors sea pink wallpaper install

The wallpaper is so cute and as soon as it went up I got so excited to see how it paired with the wall color- it was all perfect! After the wallpaper was up it was time to start laying the floors from Dura Decor.

dura decor floor installation

I'll be sharing a full breakdown post on this later because I know ya'll had a lot of questions (why does Kris look demented in this photo haha!). For now, just know that the process was straightforward and pretty painless! That night at 5:30pm we packed up to head back to Houston and we were left with this.

rebel walls sailor sea pink wallpaper

The perfect clean slate to come back to next week (we do still need to add some quarter round around the perimter)! As of right now the plan is to head back up this Monday and Tuesday to finish everything up so make sure you're following along on my Instagram Stories to keep up in real time!

Disclaimer: The wallpaper and flooring materials were gifted to me for my honest, unbiased review and all opinions, words and images are my own.

Harley's room is finished! Here are all the posts that got us there:


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