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My Organization Plan of Attack

I've spent the last week doing some organization projects that I've been putting off for the last few months. We've all been there right? You're busy doing a project and other areas tend to get a little neglected (ok, a lot neglected). Our garage was especially bad! Putting supplies away on our work table in a pile again and again after a project added up to a big disorganized mess!

So I thought I would put together a list of all the areas I'm planning to organize over the next few weeks as well as some that I've already completed! Nothing feels better than crossing things off a list right?

Areas to organize:

- garage (check!)

I knocked this project out last week, it was by far the project I was dreading the most so I tackled it first!

- our nightstands (check!)

- laundry/mud room (check!)

I tackled this space last week as well, here's the before...

and the after!

- my desk drawers

There are so many lovely areas of our home that you've seen in photos and they are hiding less than perfect spaces inside. My desk drawers are one of them and they definitely need a little zhushing.

- living room built in cabinet

- primary bathroom

This is an area that you probably haven't seen, it's a 90's wonderland with a skylight and a huge glass block window above the jetted tub. And oh yes, tan tile as far as the eye can see. Here's a photo from the house listing back when we bought it.

It's not a space I love, but it does have lovely light and I do hope to renovate it someday... in the meantime cleaning out the drawers and getting it organized will help me enjoy that space a bit more.

- primary closet

This is another area I really don't show much around here. It's a space that I would love to makeover this year (it even made it onto my January list of projects to come in 2021) but while I'm not ready to jump into a major renovation in there quite yet, maybe decluttering and organizing it will help spark some inspiration for the space.

- playroom

I just organized our playroom after Christmas (back when I put all of our board games into bags), but it already needs another round of organization, it's not too bad up there, but things somehow manage to multiply when you have kids and I'm sure I could fill up a box or two of items to donate.

- kitchen cabinets/junk drawer

I organized these drawers back when we made over the kitchen and for the most part they are still fine, but we have this big corner cabinet that needs some attention.

As well as our junk drawer (in the desk area) which is in a constant ebb and flow of disorganization since the kids frequently go in there for projects.

- Phoenix's closet/dresser

This will be a relatively easy day of organizing. I just made over his closet and it still looks pretty much the same! All I need to do in here is pull old clothes that no longer fit and hang up all his new school clothes (which I still need to go shopping for).

- Lincoln's closet

I have a major confession about Lincoln's closet. It doesn't have one article of his clothing in it at all!! It is currently filled with toys, wrapping paper, and old photo albums... I have actually never moved Lincoln into his closet at all after his big room makeover. He adores his new room, but usually finds himself sleeping in our bed or with his Grammy (which she loves) and it's just honestly been more convenient to have his clothing items in a small area of our closet... but no more! It's time to get Lincoln's clothing and all of his belongings officially into his closet. I also have a fun idea of a little mini makeover I want to do in there, possibly build him a little loft reading nook! Something kind of like this?

So that is where I'm headed with all of the organization around here! My kiddos are still home for the summer so I'm taking my time and not too worried about finishing everything in one day or even one week! Just a little bit each day which always adds up to big progress! What have you been organizing? Tell me below in the comments and be sure to tag me on instagram and facebook so I can see your organizing projects! #organizewithjenn

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