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Phoenix's Room- A Kid's Pirate Inspired Bunk Room

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Phoenix's room is finished!

This is a room I've been tinkering on for years and I finally decided to give it one last push so I could say- "Here, it's finished!" (Psst. All the sources are linked at the bottom of this post for you!) Before we get into the after photos I always love to show a before to remind us where we started. Here's what his room looked like a few weeks after we moved in two years ago.

Gotta love the classic mattress on the floor. It didn't look like this for too long and I purchased the giant bunk bed from Pottery Barn Kids that I still regret (you can read more about that here), but have decided to work with for now.

This is where I started last spring when I came up with a final plan to get his room finished. In the last few months I've tackled several projects to get us to the finish line:

This past week I've added a few more finishing touches, like swapping out his light fixture and laying a new rug. I also ran out to Target on not one, but two, last minute trips to get a few accent pillows and other finishing touches. Which brings us here!

At the last minute I decided to add some pops of yellow and I'm glad I did! I also think the yellow plays nicely with the brass accents like the drawer knobs, chandelier, and curtain rod.

Phoenix helped me pick out his new rug. I did a little shopping on, I pulled three to four rugs that I loved and thought would work well in the space and then I let him pick the final selection (psst. I do have a coupon code with Boutique Rugs if you need it, use LAURA60 for 60% off- they have so many amazing options!). I love it in here.

This toy chest used to belong to my brother and it's just always been around. It's worn and beat up and I love it. It's an old Cargo Furniture piece and is probably indestructible. Maybe it will be passed down to my grandkids one day!

The closet makeover is still going strong and I love the peek of wallpaper.

It's such a fun surprise hiding in his closet.

The gallery wall is still one of my favorite things ever, Phoenix's art is sprinkled throughout so it's very special! You can more about how that project came together right here.

While I would love to eventually build some bunk beds in for more of a custom look I have to say that this Pottery Barn bunk bed is awesome.

It's pretty much a dream bunk bed for any kid. It has a ton of storage shelves and a built-in desk. Phoenix spends a lot of time here and loves having a place to put all of his journals and artwork (so. many. journals).

And all of his toys are tucked into these woven baskets. There is truly nothing like a good woven basket to hide all of the clutter!

I have been trying to hunt down a printing press drawer on my thrifting trips for awhile. I had seen this one many times at my favorite local antique store, but it was $80 and more than I wanted to spend.

I finally splurged and snagged it. I had always pictured filling it with Phoenix's Lego characters.

It might be my favorite thing in here! It is seriously the cutest and Phoenix and I had sooo much fun (more fun than any adult should have playing with toys) arranging all of the characters. Some of the little sections at the bottom were too small for characters so we put little Lego accessories like dynamite sticks, goldfish, and can you spot Hedwig down there?

Speaking of playing with toys, I had so much fun styling out these built-in shelves with Phoenix's toys. Yes, of course more Legos. He's had this Lego head for years and while I'm still working on finding the perfect storage solution for all of his Legos, this head is a great catchall for loose pieces, it even sorts them by size.

The hat on this shelf belonged to my dad, he wore it to our rehearsal dinner. It was a costume party and my dad dressed up like Indiana Jones. He passed away a few years ago and as I helped my mom clean out their old room this was one thing I couldn't bare to part with. It has a lot of good memories tied to it. Phoenix and my dad were best friends so it feels perfect that his room is the new home for it. My dad's stuffed bear he had since he was a child also lives in here on the shelf underneath this one.

Right after I finished Lincoln's room last winter Phoenix lamented that his room wasn't near as special as his brother's. At the time he was totally right, but I think that's no longer a problem!

We've got one happy kid on our hands!


paint color- SW Debonair

Let me know what you think in the comments! And I would love to know if you have also ended up spending years on the same space- please tell me I'm not alone!

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Disclaimer: The gallery wall and rug were gifted to me for my honest, unbiased review and all opinions, words and images are my own.

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04 sept 2021

This turned out so well! I love the yellow accent color! And how special to have your Dad’s hat and bear for Phoenix. That mini figure display is adorable and the whole room looks really awesome! Love the flag as well! Great job!

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