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Creating a Gallery Wall With Kid's Art (and other updates in Phoenix's room)

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Last week I made some progress in Phoenix's room, we painted everything the prettiest shade of blue- Debonair by Sherwin Williams. It reminds me a lot of the color in our main bedroom which is Farrow and Ball De Nimes, only quite a bit lighter.

debonair sherwin williams

While I was painting I realized there are still quite a few paint related decisions to be made in here. Do I paint the built-ins on either side of the bed? Maybe in the same color, but a high gloss?

pottery barn charlie bunk bed, sherwin williams debonair, and built in shelves in kids room

Do I paint the interior of the closet?

rebel walls high seas, kids reading nook closet

I polled you guys on instagram last week and got so much great feedback! My favorite idea was to paint his bed in a high gloss lacquer the same color as the walls and while I originally had no intention of doing anything to the bed (remember how I'm not that fond of this bed in the first place?), now I can't get that idea out of my head. It seems like a lot of work for a piece of furniture I don't love though. It would have to be completely disassembled and each piece sprayed meticulously... possibly also filling some of the wood grain in... a massive project. But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. One thing I know I'm painting for sure is the ceiling! Here are a few ideas I've been contemplating...

striped ceiling interior design

Stripes would be fun, but I fear this may go a bit too nautical... we have a subtle pirate theme going and I don't want to throw it into theming overload.

geometric wall molding design

Something with a bit of simple molding/trim could be fun up there.

ceiling lacquer interior design

High gloss lacquer? In the same color as the walls (just like the bed- no stop!)? This could look incredible!!

striped ceiling interior design, square painted ceiling design

This room by Sarah Sherman Samuels pops up as inspiration for me constantly. I've already talked about how I wish I had built in a bunk bed like this as opposed to buying the Pottery Barn bunks. I love the ceiling so much... it might be fun to do a variation of this... inspired by this rug perhaps?

blue striped rug

You guys know I hate measuring so this would probably be my worst nightmare to actually accomplish, but it would be so cool right? You know I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do in there. I expect progress will be kind of slow in there while the One Room Challenge ramps up in the next few weeks, which means I have plenty of time to noodle around some ideas. But after painting the walls I did do one more thing in here- over the weekend I hung a Framebridge gallery wall.

framebridge gallery wall with kids art

This was actually Phoenix's idea. He had been asking for a place to display his artwork ever since we've moved (almost two years ago now!) and I thought this could be just the thing! You know I love the gallery wall I did in our primary bedroom.

DIY frame tv, gallery wall

I had Phoenix go through all of his artwork and pick out his favorite pieces.

kids art

Then I scanned it all in and cleaned up the eraser marks in Photoshop. We originally assumed the entire gallery wall would be all of his artwork, but he's a perfectionist and decided halfway through the project that he didn't have enough pieces that met his high standards (all of his art is perfect to me!). It worked out alright and we had fun selecting a few additional pieces on Etsy. Once we had filled all of the pieces into Framebridge's gallery wall planner this is what we had.

framebridge gallery wall

Hanging the gallery wall was such a breeze with Framebridge's gallery wall mounting guide. You can see that full process right here.

Phoenix and I both love how it turned out!

framebridge gallery wall, staggered grid
kids room art ideas
kids room art inspiration

Phoenix thanked me yesterday and said he was grateful that his room now feels as special as his brother Lincoln's room. I kind of chuckled to myself because I'm not sure he realizes that I'm only just getting started in there! You can read about all of my plans for his room and see the full project list right here... which is only getting longer- haha!! Do you tend to add more projects to the list after you've already gotten started or stick to your plan?

Pst... If you love the idea of a gallery wall, but are looking for a more affordable version, check out my DIY gallery wall tutorial right here.

Disclaimer: My Framebridge gallery wall was gifted to me for my honest, unbiased review and all opinions, words and images are my own.

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