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Fun Friday- How Did Our At Home Summer Camp Go?

Last week the kids and I tackled my four day at home summer camp and we had a lot of fun! I thought I would give a run down as to just how our summer camp went and what I might do to change things up next summer.

at home summer camp- fun ideas to do with kids this summer

Things that went well:

- Overall, my favorite activities were the make your own forky, water balloon fight, ice block smash, homemade ice cream, kindness rocks, slime, and cotton candy.

at home summer camp- fun ideas to do with kids this summer

- My kid's favorite activities were cotton candy, kindness rocks, slime, and spin art.

at home summer camp- fun ideas to do with kids this summer

- Not every activity became a favorite, but there were truly only two activities that were a total bust (which I'll get into below).

- I loved having a plan that was printed out, the kids loved running over to see what was next as we were finishing up each activity.

- I questioned buying some of the kits that I did (I probably could have purchased some of the supplies myself for cheaper), but doing activity after activity was a lot of work (here's to appreciating all those teachers in our lives amirite?). So when all I had to do was pull out a box that had everything we needed inside- it was so nice! When we do this again I will 100% be looking for activity kits to turn into our activities.

at home summer camp- fun ideas to do with kids this summer

Things I would change:

- I would do 1-2 fewer activities per day, by day three we were skipping the last activity because we were wiped and the kids were just as wiped as I was!

- Out of all of our activities there were only two I wouldn't do again- the squirt gun watercoloring was one I was really excited about, but was a major flop. It took us over thirty minutes to set it up, put the paint in the guns with a funnel, label the guns with the colors, etc. (I should have probably done this part without the kids). This part was very messy and stressful, which I wouldn't have minded as long as the activity paid off, but the kids spent less than ten minutes squirting the watercolor paper with the guns and they were over it. The second activity I would skip was the rainbow spaghetti, it took a lot of convincing that the food coloring didn't change the flavor of the spaghetti. Phoenix was finally convinced and tried it, but once he mixed his blue and green spaghetti with the red spaghetti sauce he said it just looked like barf and he barely touched it! haha! Lincoln happily ate his red spaghetti, but it was another thing that felt like a lot of work for very little pay-off. I think they would have been just as happy with regular spaghetti and meatballs!

at home summer camp- fun ideas to do with kids this summer

Overall, we had a blast and it was really nice to spend some undivided time with the kids while they are home this summer!

I decided to make a blank printable for you to make your own filled with activities you know your kids will love!

make your own at home summer camp schedule, free printable
blank at home summer camp
Download PDF • 1.12MB

Please be sure to tag me if you are doing my at home summer camp or a variation of it! I would love to see your plans!

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