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Fun Friday- Korie Herold in the House + All the Best Family Christmas Pajamas

This week the Christmas decorating continued! While I shared the finished playroom and the porch, I was working on our bedroom and the front room. The front room is kind of a mess right now, even though the decorations are up (sort of) we have such a hodge podge of mis-fit furniture in there right now.

pink and blue christmas decor inspiration

The pink chairs from my aunt's estate sale, a green chair and ottoman that I want to reupholster, and a random navy chair from our old house. I did end up laying the pink rug in here that I originally ordered for the dining room and it looks kind of sweet with the pink chairs...

pink and blue christmas inspiration

But ultimately it all needs to go away to make way for the blue sofa of my dreams. I am still furiously trying to track down a similar frame on Facebook Marketplace so I can recreate this sofa for hopefully less than half of the cost. I'll certainly keep you posted on that.

Other fun things this week...

- On Wednesday my friend Korie Herold came over to shoot some of her holiday books and products! Her wrapping paper is to die for and her memory books are heirlooms. She also took some photos for our family Christmas card while she was here and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

- we tried making these cookies I saw on Tik Tok earlier this week, store bought cookie dough ftw

- our house doesn't look quite this bad anymore, but there is definitely still work to be done

- One of my favorite Christmas traditions is how our "elf" delivers the boys one Christmas present to open on Christmas Eve each year and it's always our Christmas pajamas. I haven't decided which pajamas to order yet this year, but I put together this round-up of my favorites. I'm leaning towards the rainbow Christmas print (D) or the Buddy the Elf print (C).

matching family christmas pajama round up

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

Let me know which ones you think I should snag! p.s. We wore the blue ones (A) last year!

blue matching family christmas pajamas

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