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Fun Friday- My Christmas Must-Haves + My 2021 Christmas Vibe

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

This week was busy taking down the Halloween decor and then we dove head first into a full Christmas immersion... which really just means there are boxes all over the house and a few random trees here and there, haha!

The area that saw the most action this week was the playroom, I'm planning to photograph it next week to share with you guys! That space is fun because it's so different than the way I decorate the other areas of our home- can you say colorful rainbow Christmas?

If you follow along on Instagram stories you probably saw me furiously sharing all. the. Christmas. things this week, I have so many Christmas favorites and I wanted to share them before they sell out! I thought I would link them here too in case you missed anything!

our christmas story memory book, korie herold

- Our Christmas Story- this book is magical. My friend Korie writes and illustrates the most beautiful memory books and this one is my favorite. This will be our third year using it and it's the perfect place to capture all your Christmas memories.

- cookies and milk for santa plate- I have a super kitschy version that I snagged at Hobby Lobby a few year's ago, but if I were to buy a new one, this is the one I would want, it's personalized and so pretty!

white letters to santa box

- my letters to santa box- sadly, this is sold out and I struggled finding it anywhere else online, but there are used versions on Ebay and this one that is strikingly similar!

- our Disney Christmas train- this is without a doubt Lincoln's favorite decoration (probably because it's a toy) and we all look forward to pulling it out every year!

- a more elegant train- if I didn't have kids or I wanted to use a train downstairs, I would get this one, I love the color!

diy gold christmas wreaths

- golden Christmas wreaths- these from Target remind me so much of the wreaths I made last year! I still love them so much and they were one of the first things I hung this year! Psst. this photo is from last year and you can peep our old countertops!

As for the vibe I'm going for this Christmas, I am definitely going to keep it similar to what we did last year because I loved it so much.

neutral living room Christmas inspiration

But I do have a few tweaks in mind... heavily inspired by Gretchen Black's insanely beautiful decorations last year.

gretchen black christmas

Here's a little mood board of what I'm thinking.

blue and blush christmas decorating inspiration

We're keeping the blue ribbons from last year and just adding to them! I bought some blush silk and velvet ribbon to add in as well as a few fun wrapping paper options! I cannot with that toile. I am OBSESSED!! I ordered a 15' roll and have a feeling I'll be regretting not ordering more. I also have a few fun DIY ideas up my sleeve that I'll be trying out. I'm so excited for Christmas, this is definitely my favorite time of year, what about you?

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