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Halloween House Tour 2022

Halloween and Christmas are the two times of year that I go all out and decorate the house. Halloween is definitely not as elaborate as our Christmas decorations, but I believe it's still worthy of its own post. You may have seen last year's Halloween post and this year is certainly similar, but I changed up a few things so let's get into it!

Halloween home decor inspiration

Halloween home decor inspiration

Our tacky and cheeky Disney themed tombstones obviously grace our front yard. I have ideas for even more Disney characters so we'll have to see if the collection grows next year too!

Halloween porch inspiration

rug | welcome mat | white pumpkins | white jack-o-lanterns | cat | skeleton | skeleton dog | wreath | black pumpkins

I had a few ideas for our porch this year and ultimately decided the quickest and easiest thing to do would be just to throw up some skeletons and call it a day! I did add a few new white pumpkins to the collection and in my opinion there will never be enough!

Halloween fireplace inspiration

large spider | frame tv | frame tv art | medium spiders

After finding the medium sized spiders at the dollar tree back in September I knew they would be perfect for the fireplace. I bought one giant sized spider from Target to finish off the look, and I just used cut up command strips to stick them into place.

Halloween home decor inspiration

On our shelf I just threw up some Halloween-y things from my collection- some mini pumpkins, skulls, tombstones, and spiders- mostly things I've grabbed from the dollar store over the years.

Halloween home decor inspiration

Halloween home decor inspiration

I kept our entryway the same as last year. I still love the melted crayon trick to make the bloody candles!

Halloween home decor inspiration

For our dining room I made some fall foliage with dried out branches and some spray paint... it was cheap and I ended up with tons of foliage, but I think next year I will just buy some faux stems I can use year after year since while these do look like kind of spooky/creepy, they didn't turn out exactly as I was envisioning. So that's it for our 2022 Halloween house tour- let me know what you think! What should I do different next year?

Halloween home decor inspiration

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