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I'll have a blue Christmas

It feels like Christmas decorating has been going in slow motion around here. We took everything out of the attic a few weeks ago, but to actually finish a room and get the empty Christmas boxes back in the attic has truly taken until now. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have anxiety from all the boxes and so much stuff lying around...and I do get that it's probably a different issue entirely that clutter gives me anxiety, but I am who I am (only took me until I was 33 to say that). I still need to finish up the decorations in the living room, kitchen, and my room (which is a new space I decided to deck out for Christmas this year), but the front room, staircase, and entryway all got a heavy dose of Christmas cheer and I can't wait for you to see it! Let's start with the staircase.

blue bows christmas staircase

I used my zip tie method to get the garland up on the staircase and then added simple long blue ribbons. You know I love blue and I wanted to incorporate it pretty heavily into the Christmas decor this year. I used this ribbon and 1 spool of 25 yards went a long way. I've used it in several other places and still have some left.

blue bows christmas staircase

Then onto the new entryway table, not too much different, but I did add a little Christmas cheer to it with some gold ball garland, a bow, and the brass bell I got while thrifting last week. This bell is making it's way around my house- it's been on my kitchen shelf, the coffee table, and now it's here at the entryway- I didn't realize when I bought it just how Christmasy or versatile it was! I still need to find a piece of art to replace that one (since I stole it from the gallery wall...).

blue bows christmas staircase and entryway

The door to my bedroom also got a little white wreath, which used to be the Christmas wreath for my front door at our old house. I still think it's sweet, but looking back I'm wondering why I didn't cut off that wooden star and add some blue ribbon to it (or would that have been too much?).

blue bows christmas entryway

Next to the entryway is the front room (you can see how it was looking before Christmas right here) and I love the wreath on the mirror. Last year I bought four of these little hearth and hand wreaths (which I sadly haven't seen for sale anywhere this year because I would like to get more) and put them on the doors and windows in the living room. This year I decided to bring one in here and I love the cheer it added to the mirror.

blue bows christmas living room

On our tree in this room (yes, we have multiple trees- this is a judgement free zone) I used this dusty blue silk ribbon that I got from Amazon. It's an amazing price for a bundle of four rolls that are seven yards each, considering I used to order ribbon like this for weddings at $28 for one small spool of 3 yards. I just tied bows every twelve inches or so and learned that when it comes to bows more is definitely not better. I kept adding and adding more bows, until I realized it was looking very sloppy. Every 12" seemed to be the key to this charming effortless look that was totally inspired by The Makerista's tree from two years ago.

blue bows christmas living room

The top of the piano got freshened up for Christmas too. I added some wedgewood china, which you can't tell but actually says the word "christmas" on the top of the plate- it's so charming. This matte blue patterned china is my favorite- the color, the delicate white border- it's all so pretty!

blue bows christmas living room

My mom's gold deer seemed fitting here and I couldn't help but tie a little bow around his neck.

blue bows christmas living room

And those were the bells that went on the staircase last year, but with all the bows this year it seemed to be a bit much so I moved them over here.

blue bows christmas living room

Overall, I'm happy with how this little area turned out. On the other side of the piano I tried out my new facebook marketplace gold cane chairs. I have two of these chairs and they typically live in the main bedroom as part of the gallery wall and at my desk, but I couldn't help but pull one in here for Christmas. The gold side table is actually part of a set that I ordered last week and I knew it would go anywhere in the house. They are pretty and simple, have good details, and for $135 for a pair of two (I used the code MEMBER for 25% off) I've been meaning to snag them for awhile.

blue bows christmas living room

I'm definitely still playing around with the furniture placement in here. We usually have the antique white sofa in here, but it was too much with the tree so we moved that into my room for now (spoiler- it looks amazing in there) and now this room, although lovely for Christmas feels a bit empty. I went ahead and tried out this pair of chairs that we got on marketplace (grabbed them from the same seller who sold us the gold cane chairs) in there with the other gold side table in the middle.

blue bows christmas living room

I do want to reupholster these chairs at some point, they are beautiful, but not the color I am going for. For now it's not the best seating in here, but it works! How are your Christmas decorations shaping up? Or are you waiting until after Thanksgiving- I'll still be doing good if I can finish everything by Thanksgiving!


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Hi, I'm Jennifer Laura- you can call me Jenn. My husband and I just bought a house in our dream neighborhood and we are so excited to be here! The house, while already beautiful, NEEDS A LOT OF LOVE and STYLE. Join me, a past interior designer and wedding planner, as I work to make over each room and share the process along the way. 

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