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Fun Friday- Magnolia, Rent the Runway, and Thrifting like The Makerista

This week I went to an antique mall by my house that I love, but hadn't been in probably a year! I just recently joined The Makerista's Thrift Club and Gwen had spent all weekend sharing about thrifting in Branson, MO. Which is 30 minutes north of where I grew up! It was so fun to see her antiquing adventures and it makes me want to start going a lot more often! Especially after snagging the entryway table I share in yesterday's post. I also snagged a few other odds and ends like this brass bell and little brass dish which I used to help deck out out Christmas shelf with a little Christmas cheer (they are both on the bottom shelf.

I have a major obsession with brass, what can I say? I also grabbed these clip-on earrings to wear to a wedding this weekend. I don't have pierced ears so I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of clip-on earrings.

Speaking of the wedding this weekend, I rented a dress from Rent the Runway for it. Do you do that? I've done it several years now and I just love it- I always get so many compliments on the dresses I rent. I never want to wear the same thing to a wedding anyway so it actually works out really well. My closet isn't full of fancy dresses I'll never wear again and I get to pick something much fancier than I would be able to afford- win win. Here is the dress I picked out for this weekend, isn't it gorgeous?

We are actually on our way out of town for the wedding right now and it's close to Waco so we decided to go to Magnolia today on our way there. I've actually never been before, which is kind of crazy considering people come from all over to go there and I live three hours away (my husband's family is only an hour away from it) and we've never made the trip. We're planning to get the full experience and eat at the restaurant too, I'll be sure to share the whole experience on insta-stories so be sure to follow along!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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