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One Room Challenge- Week 8 FINAL REVEAL!! Grandmillenial blue and pink dining room

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

We made it!! Eight weeks ago, our dining room looked like this...

and I can't believe how far we have come! I had eight weeks to complete this One Room Challenge and I thought it would be fun to reminisce for a minute and see the progress that happened each week!

Week one brought the mood board plan and you already saw where the room started...

Week two was all about getting the foundational furniture pieces in place- we bought my Aunt Cathy's old dining hutch and she gifted us her old dining table (she had a big estate sale a few weeks back and was getting rid of so much) and then I had collected the chairs, bar cart, and chandelier in the months leading up to the challenge starting.

Week three I reupholstered the dining chairs with some cobalt velvet Crypton fabric.

Week four I accomplished a lot more than I was planning to, but due to curtain and ceiling materials delays we knocked out painting the room and installing the mural! This was the week it all started to feel like it was coming together!

Week five I hung some art from Level Frames and styled out the bar cart!

Week six I hung the curtains and while one panel turned out perfectly, I had some curtain repair to do on the left side, I ordered some additional panels and while I waited for those to come in...

I installed the ceiling molding (week 7). If this seems backwards to you it's because it is! Should this have been one of the first things I completed in here before I hung art and put down the rug? Yes, absolutely! This is not recommended- facepalm! In hindsight I should have nailed down my ceiling plan much sooner and all of my waffling back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do a coffered ceiling didn't help. But it all worked out and landed us here...the finished room!

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room, papiers de paris swan lake

I am so obsessed with how this space turned out! It's truly even better than I envisioned it would be! I'm linking all of the sources at the bottom of this post for you!

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room

The wallpaper is of course my favorite, but so many other details came together to make it special! I love the injection of color in this space!

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room

This dusty pink rose color plays a large role in the curtains, the rug, and I even pulled in a pair of floral pink antique chairs we found on Marketplace months ago, I always thought I would reupholster it, but now I'm not so sure, how perfect is it in here?

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room

I also love the color that the art from Level Frames brought in.

grandmillenial bar cart inspiration

The other side of the room is more art from Level Frames! An ace and a five, which stands for "15" (our anniversary). My grandparent's old grandfather clock is over here too, which is so sentimental and special.

There are so many sentimental pieces in here actually. I already mentioned the table and buffet were from my Aunt Cathy's house, but the brass lamps (a last minute addition) are from my Aunt Julie's house that she just recently moved out of.

papiers de paris swan lake

I'm not a very sentimental person, but I love that so many special touches exist in this space.

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room

If you've been following along on Instagram you know that this week we also brought home our new puppy!! This is Bear and I just couldn't help but snap a photo with him! Then I decided that my mom's dog Bowser deserved a photo of his own too!

blue and pink grandmillenial inspired dining room, sheltie

He looks so regal! I didn't want to torture our elderly dog Petey so I didn't make him pose. And there you have it- eight weeks of work condensed into one blog post!

blue and pink grandmillenial dining room

Being a part of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant for the first time was so fun and definitely challenging! I already have a few things I want to tweak in here (if only I had more time!), but I also love a good deadline to PUSH myself! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you've been following along for the whole challenge, I'm giving you a virtual hug!! All of the encouraging comments, messages with your opinions and advice have been paramount and motivated me daily to finish this space- thank you, thank you, thank you!!


ceiling molding- medallion, corner molding, trim

paint color- SW Deboanir lightened by 50%

And because I love crossing things off a list- here's the final timeline!

Week 1- the plan and the mood board

Week 2- the foundation- find a table, install the chandelier, move the buffet in here

Week 3- reupholster the dining chairs

Week 4- paint and wallpaper

Week 5- adding the rug and art

Week 6- window treatments (50% done)

Week 7- add molding and ceiling medallion

Week 8- The final reveal!!

Psst. since I finished the dining room I've made some updates and you can check that our right here!

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