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Christmas in the Playroom

We started decorating for Christmas in the playroom the first year we moved in. It wasn't something I had planned, but after pulling out our decor and immediately gravitating towards a more neutral Christmas vibe downstairs there were so many colorful odds and ends that didn't have a home. Bright red and pink ornaments that stuck out like a sore thumb downstairs were just begging for a place to shine.

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

So I bought the cheapest white Christmas tree I could find and brought all of the colorful decorations upstairs. The kids absolutely love it and it is so much fun! Psst. Everything is linked at the bottom of this post for you!

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

After a year of doing this we started buying ornaments and decor specifically for this space. That rainbow garland on the tree was a new addition this year snagged from my aunt's estate sale.

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

My mom also bought Lincoln this Disney Christmas train as a gift a few years ago and it's his favorite thing to pull out each year. It's more of a toy for him and it goes around the tree perfectly.

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

Using all of the village houses my mom and I have collected over the years (which isn't that many honestly) we set up a little village on top of the built-ins and hang the stockings that I grew up with as a kid up here. This is also where we hang the pup's stockings!

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

I hung some extra garland (found at Ikea years ago) from the shutters with some paper clips. It's just a little extra touch. We haven't decorated Phoenix's room yet because I promised him a new tree this year, but we did get to Lincoln's room. I had some very elegant blue and white decor all picked out for in here...

pimpelmees christmas wallpaper

As you can see Lincoln had other plans, haha! I went with it, Christmas is for the kids right? If he wants to line his play tent with rainbow lights then who am I to say no? It did end up looking adorable although maybe not exactly Pinterest worthy- ha!

kids room christmas ideas

So that's what we have going on upstairs in our playroom (and Lincoln's room) this year, and now I just need to finish the other seven spaces downstairs. We still have boxes EVERYWHERE!! I don't remember when decorating for Christmas started feeling like moving, but it really does! We have five full sized trees (my mom is wanting to add a 6th this year-yikes!) and getting them up, lit, and decorated feels a little overwhelming, but it's always so worth it once I finish!

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

Here's a little mood board I put together if you're going for a colorful rainbow Christmas vibe this year so you can easily "get the look"!

rainbow playroom christmas ideas

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