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One Room Challenge Week 4- Painting Continued and A New Countertop

This week my original plan for the One Room Challenge was to finish painting and then get going on the wallpaper, but little did I know I would actually knock out something much more stressful- the countertops!

blue grandmillenial laundry room

Last Friday my mom and I went to Maestro Surfaces on the north side of Houston to look for a small quartz remnant to replace the granite in the laundry room. We quickly found out we were in the wrong place, they didn't have remnants, only slabs, BUT they were extremely kind and told us that the place we needed was just right down the street, Andy's Granite. They told us we would very likely find our remnant there and they would also be able to cut and install it for us. Before we left we decided to take a quick gander around the showroom to see options for hopefully replacing the kitchen countertops someday.

maestro surfaces houston texas

We found so many pretty options and I of course zeroed in on the marble options, which we had already ruled out due to their staining and overall lack of durability, but dang- they sure were gorgeous.

maestro surfaces houston texas

After browsing there we ended up at Andy's Granite and boy did they have lots of remnants to choose from!

houston texas where to find marble remnants, quartz, granite

This was only one corner of what I saw as we walked in. With the help of a worker we were able to zero in on the quartz options they had pretty quickly.

houston texas where to find marble remnants, quartz, granite

And immediately knew that this one right on top was ours. We measured it first to make sure the dimensions would work.

houston texas where to find marble remnants, quartz, granite

And then pulled the trigger on it, they told us the remnant would be $100 and that they could come and install it on Tuesday for an additional $200. Knowing very little about how much any of this would cost I had in fact budgeted $300 for this project (even though I knew I might be way off), so I felt like it was meant to be and I couldn't get my money into their hands fast enough. I paid the $100 for the remnant that day and they loaded it into my car with a promise to come install Tuesday when I could pay the rest. Done and done! After that my mom and I headed to Ikea to check out some baskets I had seen online. I want to fill these nooks in the built-in side of the laundry room with baskets and these seemed like they might have the perfect dimensions.

In my mood board I had originally put something more like these, but I didn't have much luck finding anything in that style since I really wanted my baskets to be a perfect fit in the nooks. I ended up grabbing them since the dimensions seemed spot on, they came with two sizes and the smaller baskets ended up fitting perfectly in the top shelf while the larger size is going to be perfect for stashing shoes in on the lower shelves.

ikea insvep baskets

I do plan on removing the lids for ease of access and one of my followers suggested adding some felt feet to the bottom to prevent the paint from scratching which seems like a good idea too! I also managed to finish painting the 2nd coat of paint in the laundry room as well as a quick 3rd touch up coat. This doesn't seem like it should have been a big deal, but man! Painting in all of those little cracks and crevices by hand was so time consuming and it easily took Kris and I a couple of hours to do each coat. I finished painting just in time on Tuesday right before Andy's Granite came to install the new countertop.

They started by removing the old piece of granite and even demo'd out the backsplash for us (that I'll be replacing soon!).

We kept the existing sink so they used the measurements of the old countertop to mark the cuts for the new countertop.

He spent about an hour cutting, shaping, and sanding the new piece.

As well as cutting holes for the new faucet, which also got installed this week (more on that in a minute). I asked them when they arrived if they were ok with me taking a few photos and videos and they were.

Cut to me eating my dinner Tuesday night in front of the kitchen cabinets because I realized I could see the entire process perfectly out the windows. Then they maneuvered the countertop into place and glued it down. They made the entire thing seem so easy and seamless. I suppose I'm just used to my very slow DIY.

Wednesday morning Kris was kind enough to install the new faucet before he left for work. I am obsessed with this thing, it is so pretty!

how to clean a sink drain

We kept our existing sink so while he was installing the new faucet I gave the old sink and drain a good scrub with a magic eraser, SOS pad, and some Bar Keeper's Friend. It is a utility sink so it was certainly a little worse for wear.

how to clean a sink drain

But it cleaned up so nicely!

how to clean a sink drain

So that's where week 4 leaves us! My goal for next week is to tackle the peel and stick wallpaper, install the new window shade, install the new hardware and cubby hooks, and hopefully also get around to tiling the new backsplash.

vintage antique brass faucet

Here's my master One Room Challenge schedule:

Week 4- finish painting, find and install new countertop, order window shade, find baskets for built-ins

Week 5- wallpaper, install new window shade, install new hardware and cubby hooks, tile backsplash

Week 6- tile floors

Week 7- build the washer and dryer surround, paint it, install the new light fixture

Week 8- styling, and the reveal!

I feel like this week got me caught up and back on track, the project that has me stressing now is the tiling in here, which is slated to start this week after I finish the wallpaper, wish me luck!

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