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One Room Challenge Week 5 & 6- wallpaper and tile

This entire One Room Challenge project has felt like I'm playing catch-up from week to week, but the good news is a lot of MAJOR progress happened this week. Am I still behind? Probably... but I've got two weeks left and I feel like I'm closing in and getting very close to some of the really fun parts of this project (pretty canisters and faux plants anyone?).

marble herringbone tile, Delft Shantung Garden Scalamandre

Last I left you we had finished painting and the new countertop and faucet had just been installed. It was time for the wallpaper! I have added wallpaper into so many of my projects and it's always my favorite part, this was no exception.

Delft Shantung Garden Scalamandre

I partnered with Wall Pops and they sent me the most beautiful Scalamandre peel and stick wallpaper. This was my first time working with peel and stick and I can tell you it was quite different than the non-woven paper I've installed in the past.

Delft Shantung Garden Scalamandre

It took some patience, but I think the main reason it was so challenging was working around all the edges, cabinets, and doorways we have in the laundry room. So. much. trimming. In the past I've done wallpaper as more of an accent wall on one large open wall, so this was very different!

Delft Shantung Garden Scalamandre

I did end up running out of wallpaper about 3/4 of the way through, so now I'm waiting on one more roll to arrive. While I'm waiting on that I went ahead and tackled tiling the backsplash this week!

I've never tiled before and this turned out to be such a fun project! I did it on a day Kris was off and I'm so glad I did. He helped me measure and cut all of the tile with a big wet saw we rented from Home Depot. While I mortared the wall, applied the tile, and did all of the spacing.

I used this marble herringbone tile from Wayfair and it's so pretty! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but we were done laying the tile in under two hours! After that, I let it all dry for about 24 hours before grouting. I did put on this grout release right before I started to protect the natural marble from the grout and having a perma-haze. I used Ardex grout in the color fresh lily, it's a very pretty taupey gray color.

ardex fresh lily

I was a little confused on when to wipe the grout off since I found conflicting answers online, but I ended up waiting about an hour and then cleaned it up.

marble herringbone tile

With several more wiping sessions over the next day to shine up the herringbone back to its original glory. Then once that was done I did a quick caulk around the edges to clean everything up and I was done!

ardex caulk fresh lily

I had also purchased a tube of Ardex caulk that matched the grout color, which was so awesome to have on hand and really made everything look so seamless.

ardex grout fresh lily

Oh and before I forget I also added some marble sealer to the top of the marble today to protect it from stains.

I am so obsessed with how this backsplash turned out and I honestly can't wait for my next tiling project (*cough* fireplace *cough*).

delft shantung blue scalamandre

I can't believe I am just two weeks out from the reveal of this space, I have two big projects to finish up before I can start styling everything. My schedule is ever changing, but here's how it's looking for the next two weeks!

Week 5 & 6- wallpaper and tile backsplash

Week 7- tile or paint floors, install new window shade, install new hardware and cubby hooks, build the washer and dryer surround, paint it, install the new light fixture

Week 8- styling and the reveal!

Disclaimer: The wallpaper was gifted by Wall Pops! and the tile was gifted by Wayfair, I am so grateful to work with amazing partners. All opinions are my own.

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